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Stand-alone upvote bot on Reddit.

Smart software for entering the TOP-5 of the subreddit. We will help you increase traffic growth to any platform promoted through Reddit.

200 upvotes for the test. Accounts to boost votes from 1 year.

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Why do you need to get upvotes on Reddit?

It should be said that Reddit is one of the most popular and visited sites in the world for sharing and discussing content. The US alone has over 14 million daily visitors. As you can see, this is an incredibly active community that can be a great source of traffic and a place to attract new customers.
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What tasks can an upvote bot do?

A smart upvotes bot is a guarantee of your entry into the TOP of the subreddit. Works instead of you!

Each user who posts content on subreddits on Reddit receives a certain number of upvotes for his post. But often they are not enough to raise it high in the feed, increase the interest of other users of the platform, and especially to get into the TOP.

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Benefits of an upvote bot for Reddit

The promotion on Reddit becomes more complicated every day, the more users the platform has. Therefore, in this case, you need reliable software which only high-quality accounts use to boost upvotes. Unlike our competitors, all our accounts are trusted for Reddit. And it means that the age of each of them is from 1 year, and the karma indicator is above 500.
Note! Using zero accounts without karma to boost upvotes is not effective. Reddit recognizes such voices and does not allow the post to reach the TOP.
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How does it work?

The process of promotion on Reddit takes place automatically without your participation. All that is required to boost upvotes is to send a link to the post to our manager and indicate the required number of votes. The upvote bot will be launched as soon as the details are confirmed!

The upvote speed is determined by smart algorithms on an individual basis so that your post is guaranteed to rise higher in the feed and get more coverage of Reddit users.

Thanks to a high rating, a constant flow of people interested in your advertising, who will follow the link you have left and take advantage of your offer, is ensured.

Upvotes bot results

We offer you to rent software for promoting posts on Reddit and evaluate the traffic growth on OnlyFans right now.

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Conditions for entering the TOP-5 of the subreddit:


upvotes if less than 1 million subscribers


upvotes if more than 1 million subscribers

Tariffs and bonuses

Rent an upvotes bot on Reddit and increase your traffic!

Monthly subscription

Delegate promotion on Reddit to a smart bot that votes for posts without limits. The cost is 60$ for 1000 upvotes.

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For details, please contact our technical support. We work around the clock and seven days a week.

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How to order upvotes?

Optimize promotion on Reddit by delegating the tasks of increasing the engagement of your content to a smart bot. To rent software, choose a tariff plan and fill in the feedback form. We will contact you soon to discuss the details.


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They already use an upvote bot for Reddit

And that's what satisfied users say about our software

24 years old

Whatever your goal is to promote on Reddit, the upvote bot will make it the reality. At the same time, human participation is minimal – the software will do everything itself. I advertise my page on Fansly in subreddits up to 1 million subscribers, so it's enough for me to get at least 100 upvotes per post – and I'm guaranteed to be in the TOP-5.

31 years old

Everything works well, so all the managers in our agency use this software when advertising their girls. I can order an unlimited number of upvotes per day for the posts of my models within my subscription. I receive approximately 100 votes for each post within 3 hours. There are no write-offs, as, for example, on the same Instagram, when I have ordered likes and in 30 minutes I can’t count them. The posts of my girls always get into the TOPs, and the traffic on OnlyFans grows steadily.

19 years old

Thanks to the development team! If not for them, I would have suffered so much myself with the promotion of my posts. You know, on Reddit, there are still difficulties. It is difficult to understand mentally. It's good that now you can not delve into the wisdom of this matter and entrust the task to knowledgeable people!

27 years old

I have just left a request on the official website and told the manager my wishes, and now I see an increase in subscribers on my OnlyFans page every day. At the same time, I directed all my efforts to creating content. I can say definitely, I have made sure once again that delegation is power! The bot for Reddit works like clockwork.

26 years old

The competition in the field of adult is merciless, every day you have to track new ways of selling and algorithms for your promotion. I have switched to the Reddit platform quite recently, but I have already appreciated that it is very active, and it is good for traffic growth. True, if you approach the promotion thoughtfully, the upvote bot has helped me a lot in it, which has saved me from the daily inefficient routine.

32 years old

I use an upvote bot to advertise my models on Reddit and increase traffic growth on OnlyFans, where their profiles are located. For the first month, the earnings of each of them increase by about 2000-3000$. I want to thank the developers! Your software is great, no complaints in work, technical support specialists are always in touch and there have never been any interruptions if I have had an urgent question.


If you follow the news in English, then sooner or later you will see the link to Reddit. The website is intended for the exchange of content among users and its further discussion and is like a huge forum of unprecedented size, which has successfully overtaken competitors at the market.

A large number of people visit Reddit daily to chat and find like-minded people. Thus, the resource can become a place to drive traffic to your OnlyFans and Fansly profile, and website users can become your next customers.

Upvotes on Reddit, like likes on Instagram and Facebook, serve to measure engagement with the content a user posts. They help push a post up the feed of a particular subreddit discussion, increase its rankings, and draw other visitors' attention to your content. The more upvotes a post gets, the higher its probability of getting into the TOP is.

The upvote bot for Reddit takes on the functions of promoting posts in subreddits and automates the process of boosting upvotes. The software is adaptive: smart algorithms determine the optimal speed for each post separately so that it rises higher in the feed and gets to the TOP. This means that more people will see the post and follow the links left by the user.

To reach the TOP, you need from 100 to 200 upvotes per post. If the subreddit has less than 1 million subscribers, then 100 upvotes are required to get into the TOP-5, more than 1 million subscribers – 150-200 upvotes, respectively.

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