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Mass Dm Extension for personal mailings on OnlyFans

Imitation of sending messages manually to the "Priority" folder. Setting up a writing template like live chat.

Increase of fan response rates by Х%. Growth in sales of paid content to subscribers Х times.

Why mass mailing is ineffective?

Bulk mailing on OnlyFans is devoid of an individual approach, such letters do not stand out against the background of spam, because they arrive in the “All” shared folder. Often, the user does not even open them, because he clearly understands that the message was not sent personally to him, but to thousands of other subscribers, which does not indulge self-esteem and does not stir up interest in the model. To bypass the limitations of the adult platform, you should send emails using a special browser extension that imitates sending them manually.

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The Mass Dm Extension browser extension will help you make new acquaintances on OnlyFans faster and easier, as it simulates the manual sending of messages to fans of the model. To say it easier, letters sent using smart software are displayed in the “Priority” folder, so in no case you can guess that the model sent them through the program.


Personal mailings with Mass Dm Extension

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Mass mailings on OnlyFans have numerous drawbacks. Not only do all messages end up in a public folder, not standing out against the background of spam, but they also remain impersonal, which push away from themselves. Mass Dm Extension will help you bypass this awkward moment and personalize your mailings to your fans.


How the browser extension works

The smart software sends emails to lists created on OnlyFans and works at a rate of 4,000 messages per hour. Thanks to thoughtful algorithms, you can write to fans from different lists at the same time.

The functionality of the browser extension allows you to: Set up sending emails to all subscribers; Send messages to individual fan lists; Set up a filter to exclude the list from the mailing list.

Results of using Mass Dm Extension

Get a browser extension activation key for $50 absolutely free and evaluate the work of the software in 3 days.

100% payback on the purchase of a subscription in the first Х days

Increased fan response rate by Х%

increase in sales of paid content Х times

+Х models increased audience loyalty with Mass Dm Extension

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Mass Dm Extension is available for use after the activation key is entered. To get the code, send a request to connect the software by filling in the feedback form on the website or by contacting our managers in social networks. The tariff plan is valid for 1 month. After 30 days of using the browser extension, you need to renew your subscription and enter a new code.

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Trust OnlyFans mailings to smart software that imitates manual sending of messages to subscribers. The cost of the activation key is 50$/30 days.

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Real reviews

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Betty, 24 years old
Rating – 5
What to hush up: mailings on adult platforms are devoid of soul. You just send the same text in bulk to thousands of subscribers... And then you complain that your content is not being bought. And you're wondering what to do next! And it would have been like this all the time, if not for the new browser extension for OnlyFans, which solves the issue of mailing in a very radical way: the message is sent to the "Priority" folder for all subscribers to whom you sent it, as if you typed it with your hands, and did not use the same template for everyone.
Camila, 31 years old
Rating – 5
Without special software, mass mailings to fans on OnlyFans go to the “All” folder, and there are no options here. Your fan understands clearly that hundreds of other subscribers, if not thousands, have received the same message. Therefore, I rate Mass Dm Extension very highly, and my income, which is growing daily, is a direct confirmation of this.
Vanessa, 19 years old
Rating – 5
I, like many models on OnlyFans, went through this stage of draining my time into nowhere, but now, after the Mass Dm Extension had appeared, everything changed radically. I used to spend hours writing messages directly to each subscriber, only to prevent it from getting into the public folder, because there is zero sense in mass mailing. And this new software behaves in a tricky way: it imitates manual sending of messages, but you no longer need to write to everyone. I filled in the template, added a photo / video, clicked on the button – and that's all, you've done it. The message is sent directly to the “Priority” folder.
Kelly, 26 years old
Rating – 5
I used to feel embarrassed when I did mass mailings on OnlyFans. It is clear that this is a common spam - there is not even a person's name in the message. But the browser extension Mass Dm Extension solves this awkward moment. The program parses people from the list on OnlyFans and understands what and who is called, automatically writing the correct name into the template. In the most extreme case, it will write Baby if it could not find a real name, but this is rather an exception.
Mary, 22 years old
Rating – 5
If your fan is subscribed to a large number of models, with the help of mass mailing, of course, you will not be able to attract attention. For him, you are not one out of a thousand, but you are like everyone else, because the competition on the adult platforms is going through the roof. To stand out, all you need to do is send a private message. So what is it, to write to everyone? No days are enough. And why? With the help of the smart browser extension, you can simulate the manual sending of messages. You immediately find yourself in the “Priority” folder, reminding of yourself, and it is never possible in your life to guess that it was a bot that has made the mailing. Very smart. Thanks to Mass Dm Extension developers!


This is a browser extension for personalized mailing on OnlyFans that simulates hand-written messages. Unlike mass mailings that end up in the “All” public folder, letters sent using Mass Dm Extension end up in the “Priority” folder, as if the model has written them herself.

Mass Dm Extension can determine the name of the subscriber and substitute it into the message template. Thus, emails sent using the browser extension become personalized, and it increases the trust of fans, the frequency of their responses and purchases of paid content of the model.

The email template allows you to add text, photos and videos. In addition, there is functionality for setting a price for paid content and the option to add a second message template - for even more imitation of live communication, like in a chat.

The Mass Dm Extension browser extension runs at 4,000 messages per hour.


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