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A powerful mailer for bulk mail sending
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Audience generation from competitors' subscribers.+$500-1000 to income in the first month.

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What is ManyVids message bot?

It can not be denied that promotional emails are very profitable, because ManyVids is a huge audience, and most users can easily be interested in your content if you talk about it.

A mailer for ManyVids is a spam program on an adult content streaming platform that sends a customized message to the users who are subscribed to the page that looks like a model's account. To start doing it, you just need to download and run the ManyVids message bot, set its settings, and then the mailer will do everything himself.

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The best mailing option

Sending messages is carried out according to the generated list of model subscribers, which are similar to the client page. No random users and no ineffective manual spam!

Only the real account of the model is used for automatic sending of letters. Due to the developed algorithms, there is no need to use empty pages for mailings.

How to start mailing?

ManyVids message bot allows you to take control of your newsletter in just 3 steps:


Enter the text of the letter and add media files


Set up the filters you want


Set the time between sending messages

It remains only to press «Start», and the job has been done. The messages have gone!

Start sending

Adjust the
program for the result

Full automation – the software sends messages without you

The unique functionality of ManyVids message bot, which is aimed at achieving the maximum result, you will not find in other programs. The settings are elementary, nothing superfluous - only functions that allow you to monetize profitably $$$ your products on ManyVids.

You can watch a video demonstration of how the software works here:

Benefits ofsoftware forManyVids

  • Simple and clear interface
  • Generation of the target audience
  • Sending to competitors' subscribers
  • Flexible program settings

ManyVids message bot is a program for finding a target audience, mass sending messages to a generated list of users and increasing the number of subscribers. Easy settings for beginners and unlimited functionality for professionals!

  • Unlimited number of profiles
  • Automatic mailing of letters every 1.5 minutes 24/7
  • Sending media files and pay per view
  • Free trial period – 3 days
Choose a tariff plan

Efficiency proven by time

Sending messages to ManyVids is a powerful tool for optimizing content sales, allowing you to gather the right audience and send them your offer. Using a bulk email program, you can attract an unlimited number of potential customers and increase your income immediately after the start.

ManyVids message bot provides:

Just trust smart software!

Minimum 500-1 000$ in the first month
2 000$ for the second or third month
Tariff plans for everyone For comfortable mailings without your participation
Choose option your

Note! You can cancel your subscription at any time by contacting our technical support. We work for you to relax!

Free consultation
  • Number of accounts: 1
  • Subscription time: 3 days
  • Cost: free
  • Number of accounts: 1-50
  • Subscription time: 30 days
  • Cost: $150 for 1 questionnaire
  • Number of accounts: 50+
  • Subscription time: 30 days
  • Cost: $100 for 1 questionnaire

Optimize content sales on ManyVids in 3 steps

How to place an order?

Generation of the target audience + mass mailing of letters + attracting customers

Subscription choice

You can order a subscription to our software in one click. Mark the appropriate tariff plan by clicking the «Select» button and enter your contact details in the feedback form.

Details discussion

In the near future, our manager will contact you on Telegram or other social networks to approve the details of the order.

Order payment

Having decided on the terms of the subscription, pay for the order on Paxum or in cryptocurrency. Ready! Download the software, set up ManyVids message bot and manage mailing as you wish.

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They have already the work of our software

Girls more about their experience of using ManyVids message bot

Dina, 29 years old

Manual mailing is hell! I've been struggling for over a month with absolutely no results. Until I accidentally found out about automated mailings and this software. Now everything is fast, simple, and most importantly, I finally get money for my content!

Barbara, 22 years old

E-commerce is not as easy as it seems at first glance, and finding customers is not easy if you are thoughtlessly trying to get subscribers. ManyVids message bot helped me go through my competitors and generate my target audience from their pages based on their subscribers. Thank you software developers!

Sandra, 32 years old

On adult platforms, everything is grown-up and the competition is high. To keep afloat, you need a reliable and powerful assistant, which for me has become an automatic mailer of advertising messages. In the first month of using the program, I have earned $700, now I want to double my income.

Mary, 25 years old

To monetize your video content on ManyVids, you need a thoughtful, organized approach. I was able to set up an effective sales system after 2 months of using special software. Now I'm making a really good profit!

Betty, 19 years old

Work in the field of adult may not go if you do not navigate the sales algorithms quickly. I have tried different types of promotional mailings, but only ManyVids message bot really works and brings real money.

Dorothy, 28 years old

3 days of the test period allows you to make sure that the mailer for ManyVids is really a working tool. Investments are minimal, payback is 100% in the first days, and you count the profit immediately. I recommend it ,girls, to everyone.

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Spam is the mass mailing of advertising letters to persons who did not approve to receive it. Based on it, for high-quality promotion and sales of their products, the process of sending spam messages should be carried out according to special algorithms in order to exclude the blocking of accounts from which such letters are sent.

Without special programs, the process of high-quality mass mailing of spam is impossible. A mailer for ManyVids is needed to collect the target audience and automate the sending of messages without your participation. Using it, you can attract an unlimited number of competitors' followers to increase your income.

The program sends a custom message to users of the adult content streaming platform. The mailing is carried out according to the generated list of accounts that are subscribed to the page similar to the client model.

Our software for ManyVids allows you to manage mailings at your own discretion, setting up the necessary filters, formatting a template message and setting the interval for sending them. The text of the advertising letter can be accompanied with media files and pay per view.

Your minimum income in the first 30 days will be $500-1000, in the second or third month of using ManyVids message bot you can expect its significant increase to $2000.


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