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An automated Drop Bot will promote on Fansly instead of you

By promoting your Fansly account, you can waste several months and cannot earn a penny. Otherwise you can launch a Drop Bot that will do all the work instead of you, and even with a guarantee of results. With such an assistant, a stable stream of subscribers is ensured, numbering in the hundreds and even thousands.

The task with an asterisk is to achieve popularity when only one account is available. Our IT team with work experience on software for Reddit, with creation of a bot for promotion on ManyVids and OnlyFans, took a fundamentally new approach, solving the problem of promotion on Fansly. We have managed to develop a mechanism that ensures a rapid growth of the audience and recognition on Adult platforms, which subsequently brings high earnings to girls.


A Drop Bot for Fansly: works like a personal PR manager, but does not ask unnecessary questions

Do you want traffic to grow rapidly by leaps and bounds? Are you waiting for a surge in popularity that you can profitably monetize?

Our smart bot will do itself all the routine work, like a true gentleman, so that you can rest calmly!

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The promotion on Fansly occurs due to the communication based on interests. A smart bot establishes mutual PR with other site models, and the whole system works according to the simplest principle.

The greater the number of subscribers is, the higher the promotion rate is, since Telegram has a hierarchy of chats with a certain minimum entry threshold.

Beginners can start in the so-called no min chats, where there is no minimum limit on the number of subscribers, you can enter even with zero.

In the 1k+ chat, only accounts with an audience of 1000+ and so on according to this scheme.


Drop Bot Fansly is the easiest way to create an image and then promote it, gathering an audience without boring and monotonous work.

A smart software says a categorical «No»:

Key moment! Advertisements for other models appear on the client page. However, we will teach you how to make it invisible.

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Ineffective manual promotion

Endless budget drains

Lifetime blocking of social networks

Annoying drop assistants

Benefits of an automated Drop Bot Fansly

Payback 99% Thanks to mutual PR, all models get a loyal audience and a steady growth of subscribers, which does not stop while the software is running.

Automated promotion Powerful promotion for each model without personal participation. Our team of managers and smart software work, and the girl gets a profit

Professional photo selection With statistics tracking function, the model gets more subscribers thanks to the definition of pictures, guaranteeing the highest return

Observance of chat hierarchy A beginner model starts with a no min chat and a model with one thousand people as an audience drops in 1000+ communities

Promotion at favorable rates The cost of promotion is minimal – the profit is high. Monetization is fast and is calculated in thousands of $$$

Updated format of work The bot works according to the principle of the maximum allowable number of posts per day (400 posts) instead of counting the number of daily drops

Report every week It is simple and convenient to track audience growth: every 7 days a report is prepared with the number of new subscribers

Privacy guarantees Drop Bot Fansly keeps anonymity. You get fame and thousands of fans, and we take care of keeping your good name

Mutual PR will help promote the page without requiring your participation. Fansly account promotion is on autopilot – just connect the bot!

Promotion results in real numbers

Choose a tariff plan

subscribers daily with any starting audience


payback on software purchases


increase in the number of subscribers after subscription activation


models do not waste time on promotion

Group 1

Entry threshold: no min

Arrival: from 25 minimum

Group 2

Entry threshold: 1 000+

Arrival: from 40 and above

Predictable audience growth for models with different number of subscribers

Attention! The figures are relevant for the profiles where photos of models with average statistical data are used. A studio photoshoot is the key to a confident jump in the number of audience. Top content will allow you to get a result 2-3 times higher.

Tariff plans with flexible terms

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Number of accounts: 1

Period of use: 3 days


Number of accounts: 1

Period of use: 7 days

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Number of accounts: 1

Period of use: 30 days

Ask for a price

Number of accounts: 3

Period of use: 7 days

Ask for a price

Number of accounts: 3

Period of use: 30 days

Ask for a price

Number of accounts: 1

Period of use: 3 days


Number of accounts: 1

Period of use: 7 days

Ask for a price

Number of accounts: 1

Period of use: 30 days

Ask for a price

Number of accounts: 3

Period of use: 7 days

Ask for a price

Number of accounts: 3

Period of use: 30 days

Ask for a price

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

To find out how to order the promotion of 3 accounts or more, contact technical support.

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Optimize promotion on Fansly for the «One-Two-Three» score

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After successful payment, you will receive a check in the mail, and the bot will start its work!

Reviews about an automated Drop Bot

18 years old

If you value your time, you won’t definitely waste it on manual promotion. That's exactly what I did when I paid Drop Bot for Fansly. I have already gained subscribers and I receive $$$.

28 years old

The development is cool, the prices are reasonable. Thanks developers for my income. What would I do without you! So I would be left with nothing, because the competition is mad.

26 years old

I found out about the bot 3 months ago, I can say that the software works great. I'd rather share my numbers. On a free account, the number of subscribers has reached 9 thousand, on a paid one, about 200 so far.

29 years old

Drop bots are to be commended. By the way, I initially thought about working with an assistant, I found out about this software by accident. I just tried the test period – the audience began to grow immediately.

24 years old

People who tried to promote the page will appreciate how cool this result is. Because promotion on Fansly is not as easy as it seems to beginners at first glance.

19 years old

The experiment inspired me, I chose a convenient tariff – I pay a penny, while many subscribers have already switched to a paid subscription. I recommend! Costs are minimal and 100% payback.

25 years old

I myself am surprised, I activated the tariff plan only 2 months ago, while the result pleases today. I do not waste my time, I do what I think is necessary, and the audience at the same time grows and grows.

20 years old

I have been using the service for a couple of weeks: everything works as promised. No cheating, stable growth of the audience, and I need to do nothing for this – it's just a dream!!!

21 years old

It's a pleasure to prepare content now, knowing that the promotion goes on without my participation, automatically. Nice prices, especially since with a free test you can immediately check if there is any result.


Drops is a tool that is a mutual mass PR of profiles.

Fansly models promote each other so each of them gains more followers.

The bot is designed specifically to automate the promotion process using drops. This is a virtual drop assistant, with additional functions. Models gain new subscribers without participating in promotion, the audience grows, income increases.

No, this is impossible. Besides, we have a way to make such posts invisible to subscribers. And you will know about it too!

The work of the bot provides for the automatic deletion of posts of other models after a day, so that the profile looks quite alive.

No, it is possible for models from other countries, who drop profiles, to participate, regardless of the fact whether they use the services of our bot or not.

Yes, with our services, promotion is gaining momentum, absolutely not requiring your participation and time.

Drops are relevant for free pages, but later the audience is transferred to a paid account.


Do you have a question? Ask directly! Technical support works daily 24/7

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Bring clients and earn with us! Promote a subscription to our Dropbot and you will receive 15% of the payment of each new client. Bring a referral from any country and receive payments within the first three months.

Simple accrual system: more referrals – higher percentage. No compound interest.

200+ partners have already increased their income with our Fansly automated bot. It's your turn now! Start now, invite your friends – and your income will start growing!

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